DTSD Saturday Happy Hour Hop

November 3, 2018

One of the best ways to save money while traveling is to check out the Happy Hour option at places that are otherwise a bigger hit to your wallet. This requires some research and trial-and-error, which I've done already for you!




Side Note: Parking is always challenging. Consider taking Lyft/Uber and walking between places.

Start the H3 at 4PM. The Lion's Share (HH: Everyday, 4-6PM)


We started our H3 at The Lion's Share. It's a really cool-looking building, right by the trolley tracks right in the Marina District. There aren't many other food & drink spots nearby, so people might miss it, but it's worth checking out.


Atmosphere and Service: It's pretty dark unless you sit by the window during the day. The bar area is pretty dark with some candle lights. The decor reminds me of a smoke room / library in a mansion. 


Food: Seasonal Bruschetta (with blue cheese, chopped walnuts and pears topping) | $4 (9.6/10)

Drink 1: Old Fashioned | $6 (8/10)

Drink 2: Federal Buffalo Stamp | $6 (9.7/10)


Budget Summary:

Food: $4

Drinks: $12 (for 2)

Total, including taxes and tip: $20 (Awesome deal!)

5PM. The Whiskey House (HH: everyday, 4-7PM)


Situated at where it used to be Chinatown, The Whiskey House stands between San Diego Chinese Historical Museum and San Diego Chinese Center. 


Atmosphere and service: It's really impressive when you walk in because you immediately see the neon sign, "WHISKEY BAR", surrounded by floor to ceiling glass cases displaying bottles of whiskey. They have 2600 bottles on their menu and the staff is very knowledgeable about what they carry. The service is pretty good. We saw that there were a couple of whiskey fans, who were carrying on a pretty decent conversation about whiskey with the bartender. 

Food 1: Vietnamese Chicken Wings ($0.50/wing, min 6. We ordered 10) | $5 (9.5/10)

Food 2: Whiskey glazed salmon steak with Belgian fries | $12 (7.8/10) - No picture...

Drink 1: Kentucky Mule | $5 (6.7/10)

Drink 2: The Al Capone | $5 (6/7/10)

Drink 3: Kronenburg 1664 (French pale lager) | $4 (9.3/10)


Budget Summary:

Food: $17 (for 2)

Drinks: $14 (for 3)

Total, including taxes and tip: $40 (Full bellies!)

6:30PM. La Puerta (HH: everyday, 3-7PM)


To round out the happy hour, head over to La Puerta for their AWESOME, one of the best happy hour menus. All drinks are 1/2 off, as well as their appetizers. Since La Puerta is in the smack middle of the Gaslamp, you will usually see a line by the hostess stand. However, the bar seating for HH is first-come, first-served, so skip the line and head straight for the bar. 



Food 1: Chips and Salsa (ask the bartender.) | Free! (10/10)

Food 2: Cochinita Pibil Quesadilla | $6.50 (10/10)

Drink 1: Negra Modelo | $2.50! (10/10)

Drink 2: Whole Lotta Love Margarita | $5.50 (7/10)

Drink 3: Negra Modelo | $2.50 (10/10)


Budget Summary:

Food: $6.50 (for 2)

Drinks: $11.50 (for 3)

Total, including taxes and tip: $22 (INCREDIBLE!)


For a total of $41 per person, we checked out 3 places at Happy Hour, had 3+ drinks and shared 4 plates. And it was A LOT of FUN!


See below for the location map. 





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