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 Our philosophy on hospitality 

 When we think of our most memorable trips, we remember the interactions with people - unexpected moments, spontaneous conversations, and the brief bonds we made with strangers that remind us why traveling is so important in enriching our lives.

Practicing our travel philosophy through hospitality

We want our guests to feel that way, too. We want to provide a thoughtful experience to our guests who visit our city. And every other city.


Our commitment to hospitality starts with our partners who share our philosophy. We are local hosts who are excited about curating restaurant recommendations, designing and outfitting travelhomes with comforts of home in mind, and being there for our guests when needed.


We believe this is what makes the difference between a memorable stay and the one you wish you'd done more research on before you booked. Unlike home-sharing properties operated by big corporations where all aspects of hospitality are outsourced, our network of hosts directly manage and oversee the stay. What's more, these hosts get to keep the benefits of their hard work, instead of the profits from your stay going to increase the valuation of nonlocal home-sharing management corporations.

  With this earnest philosophy on hospitality, we hope you will enjoy your stay with us, and with our partners, and that will encourage you to get out there and travel more.

- Jen & Christian, Founders of URBN Compass

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