Tastefully Designed Travelhomes in URBN Hotspots 

Travel More. Stay URBN.

A Collection of Beautifully Designed Travelhomes in URBN Hotspots around the Globe.

Our first experience homesharing in 2012 opened our eyes to a different way of traveling. Since 2013, we have been opening doors to people like us who want to stay in urban hotspots, in a home that is beautifully furnished without a big commitment on their wallet. We now have partnered with other hosts like us whom we met through our own traveling to create a consortium of beautifully designed, affordable, and centrally-located travelhomes. If you've found one of our travelhomes great, you can be sure your next stay within our trusted partner network will continue that experience.


Travel more. Stay URBN. 

What's Unique About Us?

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All of our travelhomes are located in urban hotspots where locals hangout in, yet easily accessible to all the tourist attractions. In our own travels, we realized how important the location of our homebase is to make the most out of the time in a new city. 

Enjoy tasteful and thoughtful design

Our travelhomes are furnished and decorated to look beautiful but functional. They are not over-the-top luxury you have to pay for, nor so sterile and bare because you are searching for homes within your price point. Affordable designer comfort.

Experience Guest-centric Hospitality

All of the hosts we partner with use homesharing themselves when they visit new places. We know how helpful it is to have a host who cares and understands about your experience in a new city. No more dealing with "hosts" who are hired hands by corporate giants. 

Discover the best

local spots

Whether you are a meticulous planner or a spontaneous traveler, a great meal or a cool view of the city makes a trip that much more complete. All our local recommendations come from our own experiences - we feature local businesses that we love, so our guests can try them out too. 

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